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Jauggan Kazim Pakistani Model Hot TV Anchor Star

Kazim, one of the most popular and well known young actress and TV in the world of media in Pakistan. It 'a popular personality in Pakistani youth. In Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, was born. Date of birth or birthday March 22, 1981.

Life preliminary model Juggan Kazim:

He Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan with her older sister and younger brother grew up. I went to Lahore Grammar School, and then to Kinnaird college FA. Once done, Kings College, University of Western Ontario in Canada, where it is used by the media a Bachelor of Arts in adhesion briefly participated. Kazim in Lahore, Pakistan Go ahead.

Actress Juggan Kazim certified:

In Canada, the modeling and entertainment industry career, he was the newspaper, and advertising and a movie called Ludoos pink. Anglo-Indian, and the film was released in 2004. He expressed appreciation for the people in the cinema, and 2005 (the film was sweeter as reprinted in 2006) won the award for Best Film at the awards ceremony ReelWorld.

Then came Juggan Pakistan. He Sagna music video by Pakistani journey into the world of entertainment pop band. He is currently working in several television series, modeling and hosting TV.

Juggan Kazim in future projects:

He signed three films with Shaan Shahid. He, purchasing, depicting three of the first film. Two other projects, commercials, music videos, TV host and journalist with the dawn of the contract include.

Juggan Kazim personal CV summary data:

Birth name: Juggan Kazim
Nick Name: Juggan
Age or date of birth: March 22, 1981
Money or the Zodiac: Aries
Height 5'5 "
Hair Color: black
Eye color: brown
History Place: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Marriage or marital status marriage: Married (Full)
Languages: English and English-speaking
Hobbies: shopping, reading, traveling

Juggan Kazim is a girl with courage and high-class actress, model, and soon the legendary name in Pakistan would host. In this post, Pakistani Model Juggan Kazim and Pacific island nations of the deposit nice and warm. We're pretty sure you'll like images thesis excellent yield. Take a look at these photos in detail.

Actress Juggan Kazim Model Biography - Photos of Best

Juggan Kazim ARY

Pakistan buzz about the show has a lot of talent. Juggan Kazim is a part of the Pakistani sexiest models. However, because of its beauty MTV pretty face, in 2008 he was elected as a model. They look very nice and innocent face. Sudhanshu Pandey says that the love story film will be picturized in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh is based on. The sexiest model Juggan Kazim Ali film directed by Shugafta, while Mahesh Bhatt will be the creative director.

If the famous luminary Juggan Kazim could soon will be. The words do not appear in beauty, but Sudhanshu Pandey said about this:. "Hum Pakistani actress Juggan Kazim is finalized, I think it's beautiful and perfect for this role then. Updated on the screen will show a new face."


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