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Pakistani actress born Beenish Chauhan as contained as Chauhan Beenish, 7 of 1986 on February. Beenish television industry Chauhan is not very old. Income industry a few years ago, anytime you have made a stronger position. Chauhan Beenish of Lahore and that he is just an actor is a fashion designer. Big dove eyes, long black hair, beautiful, bubbly face and Chauhan average height Beenish make very attractive. In a very short time, and won the hearts of viewers. Women are represented Beenish Chauhan is a huge fan.

With Pakistani actress Thora should Beenish Chauhan Pakistani Actress, and Dheleez heart, Benaam desire, it is life, the Queen, not Jay missed, friends, Cahe KO Biyahee Bides, in Bahar Paul, Kitni worked in plays such as door bass Kitnay. In a drama series, played Chauhan Beenish an important role and the role of each of injustice. Wining a lot of heart and within a very short period of time and in a position to create and Chauhan Beenish has truly amazing acting skills are well known. He praised Beenish Chauhan Hot Model, serial drama Cahe Biyahee KO daily production by about Mehru Bides for the role. The series uses Pakistan's leading TV channel Geo TV.

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Lux Style Awards 2008 women won Pakistani actress Chauhan Beenish in the drama series for Boondh 1 TV Best Actor Award. In this case, he was named Salma Zafar, Azra Aftab Abbasi Javeria along with other senior actress.