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Other climbing ramp and fashion shoots, as well as his career in the work to get a good name. I worked in television plays right Amna Haq that appears next to many commercials in varie.Fiction private television, and most of Henna fame and praise.

Aishwarya Rai of Pakistan known for many famous designers and Ather Shahzad, Arshad Tarin and Tapu Javira etc. Many designers like HSY photographers that work done with the name.
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Pakistani Model & Actress Amina Haq Profile
Aaminah right, and what is most interesting about the middle of 2008 has been busy with Bilal Ammar. If each a long friendship. 2007, as well as social wears.

Amna Haq right and encourage more worthy of note is the fact that smile Foundation Deplilex 'again, and admirably assist women victims of acid burns is the ambassador.

Mustafa Khar (feudal fictitious) Amna Haq Pakistani Model daughter right, and to clarify the specific audience when the offer came with excellent skills. Jeans were selected Levy as a brand ambassador. They have a small number of spots international, especially in Canada. In fact it gets international fame when he was questioned by the French regiments.

Aaminah is just a real celebrity fashion Pakistan. Looks pretty with its attractions include almond-shaped eyes and put their mark on Pakistan general.

  Pakistani Model & Actress Amina HaqAmina Haque right (as it is written Amina right, right, right Amna Haq safe p) a famous actress and model in Pakistan. Modeling and acting, she has a great reputation. Worked Amina Pakistan with designers and almost all of Pakistan several magazines worked as a model, just like you, Libas, face, Prada, D & G, Versace and Donna model Own.Pakistani born Amina personal right right images 005 family of Lahore, Pakistan, November 4, in 1973 . She is the fifth child of five children, Mr. Mustafa Khar. Has been involved in the personal life of mid-2008, actress, model and eventually became Ammar Belal, a model and a fashion designer, and the two are good friends for a long time now. The two married in 2009. Plays over the years, worked right in a number of Urdu dramas. Chaandni Raatain, Aena, a slave was well received periodic publications and Gardish quietly. Mehndi Mehndi is the right Magnum Opus in the drama: the passion color. Are playing not only for its history but also for workers various popular actors. On behalf of the right, in particular, is a success by critics. Lux Style hosted the world three seasons, and the launch of a television talk show, called the host "Aaminah right." List television series * Aena * Chaandni Raatain * sneak sneak * Doorian * Jay Mehndi where the heart is * [2] * Arshad Tareen Nigah * Ghulam Gardish photographers Pakistani model, Shahzad purest and Tapu Javira most thin it is considered a good model to work with. Although 5'3 only "Billy objected also a small group of designers including gold Levi jeans for HSY. Was also selected as the face and smile to the ambassador, the duplex, then Foundation is a charity for women victims of burns that help acid. Made the right ads International Business few, especially in Canada, and Regiment French, French interview Regiment and the model plate right judges and on. international arena model. right, was a model for Lux Girl on 7-8 years worked in two of the most social well dressed fans of 2007 received a number of ... written for. right writer, "Girl Friday" for many years a column, a series of articles for various publications since 2009, and editor of the groups profits joined it. publishing house released later this year. Fraudiye * Music Videos * Ankhoon..

Pakistani Model & Actress Amna Haq Profile & Pictures

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